Run, Fat Girl, Run


Anyone who knows me knows my passion for running….passion for avoiding it at any cost!  Growing up playing sports, running was always a form of punishment.  Throughout recreational sports, high school and college…the only thing that changed about running was the level of profanity used whenever it was on the docket. Once I reluctantly entered adulthood I no longer had anyone telling me how long and how fast I needed run so…I obviously stopped doing it.  You put weights in front of me and I am the happiest women around.  

I am sure most of you can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed with the stigmas of body types, visions of how much you should be lifting or how long you should be running. Sometime this feeling steers people to avoid their weaknesses driving this into a downward spiral that feels impossible to break out of.   I found myself hitting lifting goals left and right no problem.  Throw me a DT (5 rounds for time of 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang power cleans, 6 Push jerks at 105 lbs) and I am ready to go,  put a 200 meter run in a WOD…instant panic!  

When I first became a crossfit coach I used to feel self conscious.  I let the overwhelming stereotypes take over.  All those thoughts of self doubt, “my shirt is too tight”, “my love handles are showing”….you know all the normal thoughts.   When I run I picture someone leaning out of their care window yelling “run, fat girl, run” (couldn’t hear them if it was real because I have my headphones up loud enough to not hear my mouth breathing).

Recently I had an epiphany…WHO THE F*** CARES!!!  Who cares what other people are thinking.  Who cares what you can lift? Who cares how much or how fast you can run?

If someone is thinking those negative thoughts about you, guess who has the issue…hint…it’s not you.  

Being fit and being skinny are no longer related!  And if someone is yelling out the window of their car while you are running, well frankly they are way too bored with their lives.  Don’t let your weaknesses dictate your workout, your day, or your life!  Attack them, no matter how small the improvement is, what is important is that you are improving.

Since I don’t care about what people think, I have set out to prove them all wrong! (sarcasm, because as much as we say we don’t care, we all still care a little bit about what people think)  I have signed up for a half marathon!  Yes 13.1 miles of straight torture.  Just to prove that even if you hate something you can still do it.  

Anyone who just read that and scoffed at the fact that I WILL be doing this should think about when the last time you set a goal that is difficult for you to achieve?  Goal setting is an important part of any training program.  Short term goals are fantastic to keep you motivated and training everyday.  Long term or difficult goals though test your mental toughness, your commitment, and your drive to be better.  Once you set a goal or two, whether it be getting to the gym 4 times a week, hitting that nagging back squat PR or running a half marathon write it down and track your progress.  Seeing is believing (cheesy quote, but it works). Track each progression or stage of the process. When you can physically see that you are getting closer to your goals it will(should) keep you motivated to smash them.  Set those goals and beat them down until you have to set new ones.  Keep striving to reach your True Peak!

If you see me running feel free to yell out the window “run, fat girl, run”. With a smile on my face I will flip you off and keep on running. Here’s to not getting picked up by the straggler bus!

– Coach Sam (Aka The Better Sam, The Cool Sam, Doctor Sam)