Snooze, You Lose? – The Greatest Miracle Product Known to Man

Snooze, You Lose?   We have all seen infomercials touting miracle products. Things like juicers that will turn any fruit or vegetable into liquid gold, knives that never go dull even if a recipe calls [...]

The Troubles With Doubles

Double unders, the phrase itself is enough to make many CrossFitters groan in frustration with thoughts of whip marks and welts. There is perhaps no other movement in CrossFit that elicits pure, unbridled anger. Sure, [...]

CrossFit WOD 7/23/16

Saturday, July 23rd PARTNER WORKOUT: Linda-ish 10-1 315/225 Deadlift 185/135 Floor Press 185/135 Squat Clean      

CrossFit WOD 7/22/16

Friday, July 22 5x3 BW Push/Split Jerk "Gently Down the Stream" 13 Min AMRAP 250M Sprint Row 15ft Sled Rope Pull 180/130 7 C2Bs/Pull Ups

CrossFit WOD 7/21/16

Thursday, July 21st ROMWOD or Make Up Day

CrossFit WOD 7/21/16

Wednesday, July 21th Strength 5x2 Three Position Snatch 65% 1RM WOD For Time: 800m Run 40 Wall Balls 20/14 30 Cals on Bike 40 Wall Balls 800m Run Cash-Out 4 Rounds 20 Lateral Leg Raise [...]

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