True Peak Strength

  • True Peak Strength in Manchester, New Hampshire is Manchester’s only certified weightlifting club through the USA Weightlifting Association. Our program does not settle until we make you the most powerful athlete possible.
  • From group classes to personal training, we work closely with each our athletes as we guide them through various stages in their development and work to provide them with the necessary skills needed to take their performance to the next level.
  • A membership at True Peak Strength will also include weekly programming strategically developed to improve strength, speed, coordination, balance, mobility, agility, and power.


Our expert coaches take into account your experience, current ability level, and will work to help you surpass all your goals.
True Peak Strength’s qualified coaches carry various certifications from within the weightlifting industry that provide them with the knowledge, tools, and expertise needed to help you maximize your performance.

Certified Gym

True Peak Strength is Manchester, New Hampshire's only certified weightlifting club through USA Weightlifting.
At our gym you will have full access to True Peak Strength’s barbells, weights, squat racks, olympic lifting platforms, and other needed accessories to keep you healthy and performing at your best.

Olympic Lifting

Whether you're an experienced olympic lifter or new to the sport, at our gym we welcome all levels of olympic lifting.
Be prepared to set new personal records, increase your athletic performance, and understand what the human body is truly capable of.

Power Lifting

Learn how to tap into that hidden strength and fully realize what raw power your body is capable of, from head to toe.
No matter if you’re an avid athlete or just looking to increase your overall strength, True Peak Strength will help you better understand how your body works and get you where you want to be.

True Peak Strength’s Other Services

If you’re new to the sport of lifting or have never picked up a weight in your life, True Peak Strength has you covered.  Our gym offers Custom On-Ramp sessions for all new lifters to help you fully understand the basics and complexities of strength training.
True Peak Strength in Manchester, New Hampshire offers personal training to all its gym members. If there is a movement that won’t quiet click, or you just want some extra help we have you covered. We also offer personalized programming in 4, 8,  and 12 week blocks.
We write programming that compliments our True Peak CrossFit program. So if you are also interested in CrossFit but still want that extra strength session on the side we have you covered. Most importantly without overtraining.


Let us know a little about you and your goals and we’ll set up a time to answer questions and get you started with a FREE intro class!

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